About Us

Bare Book Club Dallas (formerly Naked Girls Reading) is a bi-monthly live nude literary salon hosted by Head Librarians Courtney Crave and Kitty Martini. Each show features a unique theme and special guest readers like you’ve never seen them before. Join us for a one of a kind theatre experience where sex, literature, art, and acting combine as we read to you completely in the buff. Because you can’t spell literature without “T” & “A”.

Courtney Crave

Meet Head Librarian Courtney Crave! Courtney is an international fetish model, burlesque dancer, aerialist, and suspension artist. When she isn’t in front of a camera or flying over crowds she can be found producing such events as the Dallas Fetish Ball and Crave Cabaret. Courtney is the longest running Dallas cast member, having appeared in the first Dallas show in 2009 and she’s been bringing bi-monthly shows to Dallas as the Head Librarian since 2017.

Photo by Newt Burris

Kitty Martini

Meet Head Librarian, Kitty Martini! Kitty, also known as “The dad joke of burlesque”, has delighted audiences for years with her kitschy take on classic. When Kitty isn’t performing her explosive balloon dances or dreamy aerial moon flights she can be found hamming it up for the camera! Holding a Masters degree in Historical Research, Kitty spends most of her time yelling at “jagweeds” on the internet or at her state representatives.

Photo by Newt Burris

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